Welcome - or Dobrodošli as we say around here - to beautiful Vrboska. 

Vrboska is a settlement on the north coast of the island of Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia in the Municipality of Jelsa which is a 30 minute drive from Hvar's nightlife. Founded in the 15th century as a fishing harbour, the town today is a popular (but not overcrowded) tourist destination featuring bustling yachting marina, a range of lovely restaurants, bars and shops plus an amazingly diverse range of activities.

The Parker-Walker family (that's us!) have two properties in Vrboska; the Stone House and our quaint "Quirky Penthouse." Across the road from each other, the accommodation is perfect to be rented separately or by joint parties of up to 10 people. 500m away from the harbour, it's the perfect location to relax and explore. 

In the summer of 2019, we went on holiday to Vrboska and fell in love. One very expensive shopping trip later, we were the proud owners of 2 perfect holiday homes. For us, holidays are about re-grouping with family or friends and spending quality time together while drinking, eating and going on adventures - preferably with good weather. If that sounds like fun to you, you're in the right place.

So far, we've discovered:

- There is a mad seabourne bouncy castle for the young and young-at-heart off the Soline beach.

- To explore by road, there are a fleet of soft top Beetles available from the boys at Rapidus.

- There are a variety of boats for hire, with or without crews and the windsurfing hub on the North side of the peninsular is legendary for it's consistently good winds.

- Those of a diving persuasion will pick up the dive boat from Soline beach, and beginners can take a two day course to their half PADI.

- Sea canoeing is a big thing here with favourite destinations being across the bay to Jelsa or out to the island of Otok - 'Bunny Island' to give it it's local name.

Hvar wine has been around for over two thousand years, but has recently come a long way in a very short time. Basically, when they realised they could sell it instead of drinking it all themselves...! 

Until next time. Uživati!


  • Idyllic Location
  • Beautiful Accommodation
  • Parties of 4, 6 or 10
  • Incredible Authentic Experience
  • Fabulous Restaurants
  • 50 Metres from Harbour
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