Whether you prefer to travel by foot, bike or boat, there's something for you on the island. Here's a summary:

Walk (or run!)

See: Popular walks include around the coastline to the peninsular or Jelsa (about an hour), or to Stari Grad through the UNESCO plain (about two hours). Any of the hire shops can give you a map showing the trails.


Hire mountain or electric bikes at Denis, which is just down the road from the apartments. Look for the purple flowers, he should give you a discount if you say we sent you.

Contact details: E-, T- 00385 85361 9877

Alternative options are - right at the bottom of the road opposite the filling station, or - based at Stari Grad port where you can hire bikes and organise tours of all sorts.

Quad biking

Go and see Denis (introduced in the section above). He can lend you the gear and recommend the best tracks.


For cars with character, Rapidus have the loveliest fleet of individually named soft top beetles. You can also get them from the boys by the yacht club.

Rapidus do also have other cars, and (agents, not hirers) can also get you most things with a bit of motive...


Take the old road to Stari Grad and you'll come to the airport. Ask them for exact final directions as there are no websites or adverts!


TripAdvisor is really quite handy for restaurant recommendations. But we do have a few observations of our own. Firstly, it is pretty difficult to have a poor meal... and don't be shy to share, the portions tend to be large!

1. Me and Mrs Jones. Jelsa. A meal here is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. We cannot recommend this place enough! Take the sea taxi from the harbour straight to the door. It's the best restaurant on the island!

2. Konoba Bonaca. Vrboska. Overlooking the marina, this place serves classic 'Dalmatia' food and wine. They do a lamb special in their Peka oven that needs a days notice - but it's so worth the wait.

3. Blue Doors. Stari Grad. Two brothers on a mission to create contemporary Dalmatian cuisine! Incredibly high quality steaks, seafood and a benchmark coffee. Yum.

4. Konoba Batana. Stari Grad. Proper konoba hidden up a typical Croatian alley. The best pasta dishes and classic local food... a great experience.

5. Trica Gardelin. Vrboska. Possibly the poshest restaurant in Vrboska - but lovely! Can serve up to 120 people per sitting and still get it right. Amazing fresh fish dishes and huge portions.


1. Caric winery. Little Venice. Up to eight wines now and happy to share them all!

2. Konoba Nikola. Little Venice. Great local wines and delicacy tastings.

3. Café bar Dalmatino. By the island. Where the locals drink. Our favourite bar. 

4. Mojito Bar. Jelsa. Come out of Me and Mrs Jones and head round the port. Very chilled vibe and superb cocktails.


Visit the fortress at St Marys. There is a lovely little one if you walk down to the ACI.

The church at Dol is amazing for its war memorials and the juxtaposition of hardline Communist graves against profoundly Christian ones.


Hvar Divers is by the Senses hotel campus. They do a two day half PADI course, and always come back with a happy boat! The girls rated it better than the Maldives. 


There are so many locals who can get you on the water, just walk around the harbour. Jelsa has loads too. Nikola does a day charter from next the Dalmatino bar which everybody raves about.

Another option is Bota-Vrboska - top conditions, relaxed and confident instructors. Everybody rates them.

  • Idyllic Location
  • Beautiful Accommodation
  • Parties of 4, 6 or 10
  • Incredible Authentic Experience
  • Fabulous Restaurants
  • 50 Metres from Harbour
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