Getting Here

This is the modern world, and as such there's a myriad of potential ways to travel to Vrboska. These are our recommendations.

  • First things first. Fly to Split! Our changeover day is Sunday, and most of the usual airline suspects run flights on that day during the summer. Split's airport terminal is brand spanking new, and a joy to navigate! 
  • Car hire from the terminal is easy. Pre-book and follow the signs from baggage reclaim. You’ll cross over the road via a Vierendeel truss bridge (for all you engineers 😊) then all of the kiosks are together down by the car park where your car will be waiting. Follow the signs to the ferry port, which are pretty clear and it’s about a twenty minute drive. There is one caveat. You cannot reserve your place on a ferry and they can get very busy in high season so get there early and explore the old town.
  • There is the option of crossing on foot and collecting a car on arrival in Stari Grad port which is about the same cost overall. Having said all that, do you need a car? Public transport in Croatia is cheap and reliable. The taxis around Vrboska are very good and you need to take a sea taxi for the full experience. The airport taxis are just outside the terminal door and the transfer costs around £45. Walk another fifty yards past the taxis and pick up an Uber for half the price!
  • Because of the development of the terminal there are now direct ferries as well as charters direct from the airport. Details for next season will evolve over the winter.

Most of us will take the Jadrolinja ferry from the main port. This is no hardship, the beers are cold and your holiday begins on the trip. The bit where the boat passes between Solta and Brac is breathtaking! The ferry costs about £6 each way.

With the ferry into Stari Grad you can pick up a bus from the port to take you into Vrboska. It will drop you at the bridge and it’s a ten minute walk to the properties. Cross over the bridge and head for the yacht club, taking the road up the hill just before.

If you pre book a taxi ask them to head to the yacht club. The drivers nearly all know the houses, but a failsafe way is to wait until you turn off the main road, then after you pass the Luda Koka count the lamp posts when they start and we are the tenth lamp post down on the right.

The Quirky Penthouse is up the stairs on the right, and the Stone House is through the opening on the left. 

  • Idyllic Location
  • Beautiful Accommodation
  • Parties of 4, 6 or 10
  • Incredible Authentic Experience
  • Fabulous Restaurants
  • 50 Metres from Harbour
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