Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is:

Upon Enquiry But Before Booking - No Penalty

At least 12 weeks before your holiday - We will retain your deposit (25%) and any admin fees, but in instances where the full balance has been paid we will refund the difference (75% property booking fee) on request.

You can transfer your balance paid in full to a new booking if you cancel your booking at least 12 weeks prior to your holiday, availability permitting. You can only rebook your holiday once. Your re-booked holiday must take place within 12 months from the proposed start date of your original holiday.

Automatic Cancellation - We will automatically cancel your break if you have not paid in full at the stated balance due date. You cannot reinstate the booking if someone else books in the interim.

Within 12 weeks - The full balance paid is non-refundable and non-transferable. As soon as you know you are unable to take your selected break, please contact us.
We STRONGLY recommend that guests take out their own travel insurance to cover cancellation. We do not provide in-house insurance and will not indemnify you for any loss as a result of your need to cancel or failure to pay on time. We regularly get requests to refund holidays because of family illness, hospital appointments, pet illness, vehicle problems, poor weather - do arrange your own insurance to cover you for these and more as we will be unable to provide refunds.

If you write to us and ask us to cancel your booking we will consider your booking as being cancelled at the date and time we are able to action the cancellation. This may put you into a different refunds category. You are able to reinstate a booking that has been cancelled at any time while the dates remain available upon payment of your final balance.

  • Idyllic Location
  • Beautiful Accommodation
  • Parties of 4, 6 or 10
  • Incredible Authentic Experience
  • Fabulous Restaurants
  • 50 Metres from Harbour
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